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Unoma Azuah is an award winning writer whose research and activism focus on LGBT writing in Nigerian Literature. She teaches writing at the Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago.

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My Works

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Blessed Body

A pioneer work, Blessed Body is a compilation of stories that span the arduous lives of contemporary Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Nigerians at home...

Edible Bones

Edible Bones skillfully chronicles a dramatic and revealing picture of Kaito's life in America. He is a Nigerian and former employee of the American embassy in Nigeria who travels..


Sentinetal Poetry Quarterly - Unoma Azuah

Unoma Nguemo Azuah is one of the female voices in what is now generally known worldwide as Nigeria’s Third Generation Writers. Author of “Night Songs” (2001), Azuah… Read more…

Unoma Azuah

Attitude Meets Nigerian Gay Rights Activist Unoma Azuah

Unoma Azuah is a prolific author and writing teacher at the Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago. Her research and activism focuses on LGBTQI rights in Nigeria, and has…Read more…