Find below a list of my published works.

Blessed Body

…A pioneer work, Blessed Body is a compilation of stories that span the arduous lives of contemporary Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Nigerians at home and in diaspora, both men and women, all courageous narrators who attempt to put a name on their attraction, consulting dictionaries, Internet sites, social media networks, and to place their outing moment in all-girl schools, Universities, Churches, nighttime trading haunts. While the stories boldly sketch the Kama sutra of same-sex desire and love in West Africa, lined with the dark specter of AIDS and prostitution, they also draw us into a web of online friendships while a beneficent God amiably eavesdrops on his dissident flock…

Sky-high Flames is the story of a vivacious, naive, young girl who morphs into an unforgettable, strong woman. Ofunne lives in a society that defines her status through marriage and children; nevertheless, she dreams of building a career for herself. Caught in a whirlpool where the proclivity would be to succumb, she finds her way out of the maze. In a world where there are no choices, Ofunne refuses to be a tragic victim; her story becomes an indictment of a culture and her victory gives us hope.

Edible Bones

Edible Bones skillfully chronicles a dramatic and revealing picture of Kaito’s life in America. He is a Nigerian and former employee of the American embassy in Nigeria who travels to the United States in search of the proverbial greener pastures. Starry-eyed, he arrives in God’s Own Country full of expectations. Armed with only a first degree, his plan is to find a good job, make money and live the American Dream.  As an undocumented Nigerian immigrant, Kaito must face the reality of an unwelcoming American urban setting.

On Broken Wings

In this compilation, the poet Unoma Azuah has managed a rare feat by bringing together many of Nigeria’s most important poets, at home and abroad, to sit together in these pages and talk about their portion of this earth. From Chris Abani to Dami Ajayi, this is a multidimensional pantheon that celebrates generations, thinkers, and experts producing one awesome song for Nigeria.

Unoma Lenght of Light cover

Reflects the predicament of everyday choices in life. The enigmatic gap between ordinary people and their dreams is dramatized in scenes that reveal severed roots, patriarchal intrusions, socio-economic impositions, inhuman cultural values, and hostility. Yet the redeeming qualities of each character give hope and faith as they hold on to their insurmountable will to survive. In their diverse themes and tenors, the narratives demonstrate a critical examination of a world in which most people, against their wishes, are chosen by the paths they follow: Kaito, the protagonist in “Sirens” puts his family in debt to achieve his desperate desire to migrate to the United States. He is, however, shocked to realize that America is far from the place he imagines it to be. Soka, in the story Idu, is on the other hand, haunted by a cultural belief she dismisses: she encounters the very mythical story she rebuffs, and in the process, history becomes her story.